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A Little About Me

Adrienne Raniszewski

Hi! My name is Adrienne Raniszewski and I like making things. Always have.

My clearest memory of making things as a kid is the doll clothes I would sew for my Strawberry Shortcake dolls (I so wish I still had those dolls!). I made them fancy dresses and play clothes. I even made them pajamas and costumes. I know Strawberry and all her girls greatly appreciated my one-of-a-kind creations.

I also organized the occasional group project, like the “TV” my brother and I made that was actually a shoebox displaying scrolling scenes drawn on an exceptionally long roll of some sort of printer paper. No idea what our television programs were about, but I’m sure they were epic.

clown cakes and cruise ships, of course

When we moved from the city, I started dragging my good-spirited sibs with me into the hills to explore and collect things. I came home with pine needles and made baskets. I gathered leaves and made sun prints and rubbings. I collected wild onions and made biscuits. I found enormous woody insect galls and made them into tiny dioramas. I pressed wildflowers and glued them on cards to give to my friends.

Cards eventually became my thing. I decorated them with flowers and rubbings and scratch art and potato prints. Everybody I knew got one each year on their birthday. I refined my style over the years and my supportive family and friends encouraged me, as family and friends will, to start selling them. So, I stamped “made by Adrienne” on the back and did just that!

my first Made By Adrienne sale and only craft fair

I’ve continued to make lots of other stuff too. I made my own wedding cake. I’ve done some canning (so much jam!). I made the curtains and throw pillows in our house. I’ve reupholstered a set of favorite thrift store chairs more than once. I make my own scented candles. I’ve made wine. Not good wine, but it did have alcohol in it. I bake bread. I made an eight-foot long table for our patio. You get the idea; if I can make it myself, I will!

I'm no baker or cake decorator, but I do it anyway

And I love throwing parties! Despite my husband’s irritation, having friends over for dinner becomes a dinner party. A Christmas party becomes a themed event in which everything - decorations, our outfits, food, beverages, party favors, and music - is required to be in theme.

a few pictures of our Camping-themed Christmas Cocktail Party

and just a taste of our Star Trek Christmas Cocktail Party

This need for the perfect party also dates back to childhood. We had some pretty great birthday parties in our house. They were never large, but they were so thoughtfully planned and executed. Always a homemade cake, crafty decorations, and special party favors. I still remember that castle cake!!

So... after selling my cards at a craft fair at which a “helpful” customer pointed out to me that people don’t write letters or send mail anymore (they should, by the way), I decided I needed to pump some more life into Made By Adrienne. It took me a few years to realize that party decorations were the perfect fit, and now here we are. 

Wish me luck!

Adrienne's clean and organized workspace